Indian Stamps-Pterospermum Acerifolium-(Bayur Tree)-By India Post

Stamps India-Pterospermum Acerifolium-By India Post

Commonly known as Bayur Tree, Dinnerplate Tree, Maple-Leaved Bayur, Kaniar or Katha Champa reaches a height of 50-70 ft.Leaves are simple, alternate, have stipulate and are palmately ribbed.It has large fragant nocturnal white flowers, occuring in auxillary fascicle. Fruit is a reddish wood used for planking; often grown as an ornamental or shade tree.The name ‘Pterospermum’ derived from two Greek words, ‘petron’ and ‘sperma that mean “Winged seed”.

Date Of issue:-06.03.2009.




Indian Stamps-Roses-Frgrance Stamps-Presentation Pack

Indian Stamps-Frgrance Stamps-Presentation Pack-By India Post

Roses have been symbols of love and beauty since ancient times.And according to the Victorian ‘language of flowers’, different coloured roses have their own symbolc meaning.The red rose is a symbol of love, the pink rose a symbol of grace, the white rose a symbol of innocence, purity and friendship, and the yellow rose a symbol of dying love or platonic love.