Our Vision

We don’t just sell history, we create, promote and cultivate history. From Mahatma Gandhi to Hitler and from Albert Einstein to Titanic we’ve cultivated our drive and passion by collecting some of the rarest and antique pieces of history and that’s history in itself.

After becoming the first BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) enlisted Numismatics & Philately company, Alexander Stamps and Coins Ltd., our parent company now has plans to become the first Indian company to begin auctioning our exclusive collection.

Our financial advisory and capital investment patterning plays crucial role in our operations yet as we grow our future plans to diversify and venture into international business of Philately & Numismatics is eventual. We also wish to bring an advisory consultancy for stamps, coins and antique items in near future.

While the listing of Alexander Stamps and Coins Ltd. in BSE was a great success, we're all set to get enlisted in NSE and foreign exchanges in near future.

Our Mission

The search for a reliable trusted buyer of Indian stamps, rare coins, historical newspapers and autographs can often be started with a Google search, asking or reading about them on online directories and online forums, because many experts and experienced collectors frequently engage in such online forums to share information. Referrals from friends and family who have previously dealt with such services is also a good place to look for information.

A good philately and numismatic firm will be clear and upfront about its information and the people that drive that ecosystem. Today many companies have taken their business information online and thus their information is easily available allowing people to do their diligent research before engaging in any real transactions with a buyer or firm.

Indian Stamp Ghar, a venture of Alexander Stamps and Coins Ltd. takes immense pride in the fact that our services and transparency are incomparable in the market as previously hundreds of sellers have entrusted us with their historical collectibles.

According to one of the most prominent Directors of the company, Mr. Anirudh P. Sethi [MOB: +91 - 9824069067], people today are highly influenced to invest in real estate, stocks and gold but an alternative investment on stamps can do a person quite well too. Mr. Anirudh P. Sethi has been a stamp collector for 25 long years and has gained much experience in the Philatelic business which has brought the company to a successful standing.