Stampmania 2009 – Carried Cover- Bullock Tram

Stampmania 2009 – Carried Cover- Bullock Tram

A ‘Heritage Walk through Stamps’ was  on 17th December 2009 . Special Carried Covers were carried on replica ‘Bullock Tram” from Vadodara Head Post Office to Industrial state P.O. and delivered at  Stampmania 2009 exhibition. The Issue Price of each Cover is Rs 200/-.

Maharaja Khanderao built a narrow gauge railway line between Dabhoi and Miyagam in Feb 1862.The Oxen were used as motive power and was then known as “Bullock Tram”. It is World’s Oldest continuously  working narrow gauge line.


“STAMPMANIA’S – VADOPHILEX” At Baroda 27th, 28th April, 2013


Baroda Philatelic Society is celebrating 38 years of its establishment. Established on 27th April, 1975, Baroda Philatelic Society is proud to have continuously served the philatelist fraternity for 38 years. It is one of the oldest philatelic societies in the state of Gujarat.

As part of celebration of 38 years of its existence, a non-competitive one frame philatelic exhibition “STAMPMANIA’S – VADOPHILEX” will be organized on 27th and 28th April 2013 at Akruti Art Gallery, Beside Kirti Mandir, Opp. S. S. G. Hospital, Vadodara.

There will be a display of exhibits of members of Baroda Philatelic Society and invitees on various subjects in about 40 frames.

More information about the exhibition will be circulated shortly.

Contributed By:-Prashant Pandya, President – Baroda Philatelic Society

Readers Desk – Stampmania 2009

Readers Desk – Stampmania 2009

Editors Desk – Gist of Comments by Sh Hemant Kumar Jain

Stampmania 2009 will not only be remembered for  Heritage Walk but also for the organizers breaking their own rules . Minor mistakes sometimes are overlooked when organization is excellent but in this case a large number of exhibits were not even displayed on first day and spectators were deprived an opportunity to see them , dealers were just left cursing organizers for want of customers on first day due to this . The infrastructure provided at Dealers stalls were substandard (specially Chairs ) a number of them broke. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Other points

1 When it was provided in rules that no exhibit will be accepted after 08 Dec 2009 and no hand delivery will be accepted then how come exhibit of Frame no 6 was accepted by Secy Timir Shah on 17 Dec 2009 at the entry and a receipt issued for that and eventually that exhibit was displayed on second day and “Coincidentally” awarded the best exhibit of the exhibition award.

2 Normally in a three day event results are displayed on the frames on second day evening for participants‘ to evaluate themselves but no such thing was done.

3 A critique session between Jury and participants is organized to help the participants but again this was not done here.

A discussion is required on the success and failure of the Exhibition and comments and suggestions can be generated.

Readers Forum-Bitter Truth- STAMPMANIA 2009

Readers Forum-Bitter Truth- STAMPMANIA 2009

Site Editor’s Comments

We  appreciate Mr Surendra Goel’s comments on the Award given to his exhibit. An exhibitor takes many pains to collect , collate , prepare , labour and invest in preparing an exhibit and in case the recognition falls short of expectations and honour it deserves – it naturally pains.

He has categorically brought out hard facts and in case the facts are correct his exhibit deserves a review and he must be given redressal of his grievance JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. In case the Jury has defaulted  there is no harm in making amends even now. We hope appropriate action would be taken on priority to give him his just Due.

It again brings to surface role of Jury . The Jury must be Fair , Impartial ,Just and Morally on a high Ground to maintain its Dignity and Honour. Even a single wrong doing tarnishes the image of all concerned. All of us must display impeccable honesty and dignity when entrusted with such tasks as Judging exhibits and under no circumstances allow our reputations to be tarnished for the sake of an award.

Few other such murmurs of dissatisfaction have also surfaced . To ERR is human but suitable amends must be made.

Readers Forum-Feelings regarding the awards in STAMPMANIA 2009

Bitter truth to all

Mr. Prashant H. Pandya (President, Baroda Philatelic Society) and
Mr. Timit R. Shah (Hon. Secretary, Baroda Philatelic Society)
Dear Sirs,
First of all, a very very hearty congratulations to you and your team for the grand success of “STAMPMANIA 2009”. The thinking  and working behind it was very good, praiseful and a learning experience. I am sorry that due to some busy schedule I could not attend personally such an excellent exhibition.
I am not complaining, but the decisions made by the jury were not up to the mark and did not do the justice, whatsoever may be the reasons.
I am into the philatelic hobby since last 25 years, and I had prepared a world level collection on Gandhi ji (World Mahatma Gandhi, Entry No. 205, Frame No. 163) fulfilling all the norms. Each and every single page of my collection is of great importance. The collection is still with you, and I request you to go through it once again and compare it with the twelve persons who were awarded Diamond. You will yourself feel that it is an excellent collection which could have got higher awards in WORLD PHILA. EXHIBI. 2011. By giving Emerald award to  my national and world level collection, which fulfills all the philatelic norms, just because of some jury members, my hard work of one whole year is wasted and such an excellent exhibit is refrained from exhibiting in WORLD PHILA. EXHIBI. 2011.This act will ultimately suppress so many collectors from participating in any exhibitions. I have come to know that  the exhibits that have received Diamond and Ruby awards will have to satisfy with only participation certificates in WORLD PHILA. EXHIBI. 2011.
I have come to know through some of my freinds that the award given as Diamond to Helicopter Mail (Frame no 49) is the exhibit of a jury member and many of my friends said that by putting the exhibit in some other’s name and then judging one’s own exhibit himself and giving the highest award raises some questions. Where is the word MORAL gone in this particular jury? Also, is this exhibit worth of the highest possible award? Will this exhibit stand anywhere in international exhibits? It has come to my notice that 3 exhibits of the same jury were on display, exhibited by someone else’s name, and all were judged by himself and all got best possible awards. Only this thing has put a bitter end to your whole show. These type of jury should be banned for at least 5 years so that they should learn some moral understanding. Error of judgment is pardonable as it is human but moralless jury, having nothing but greed on his agenda, should be severely dealt with.
I want to state that in the philatelic hobby the friendship and relativity that is shown at the time of judging is very bad and due to that our Indian philatelists will never reach at world level.
I am very sorry if the words written by me has hurt you but I think somebody has to tell the truth to you otherwise only praiseful words will mislead you from future improvement.
Thanking you,
Surendra Goel
Near Railway Crossing,
Mowa, P.O. Shanker Nagar,
Raipur – 492007 (C.G.)
# 94255-08503

News- Stampmania2009- Prize Winner’s from Delhi

It is with great delight that we wish to inform our readers that the following Philatelists from Delhi have won prizes in the recently concluded National One Frame Exhibition Stampmania2009 held at Vadodara.

1.Mr. Angeet Suri——————– Ruby

2.Mr. Vinod Sabharwal————- Sapphire

3.Mr. Vikas Singh——————– Topaz

4.Mr. K.K. Miglani——————- Emerald

5.Mr. S.L. Bansal——————— Emerald

6. Ms. Yogni Jhingan– Ruby + Spl.Prize Best Exhibit of Female Participant

7.Mr. S.L. Bansal——————— Emerald + Spl. Prize by Exponet

We take this oppurtunity to congratulate the winners for their hard work which has brought them the laurels.We hope and wish they will continue to strive for better results in the forthcoming exhibitions and bring glory to the Capital city.We are also giving some images of our philatelists from Delhi who were present in Stampmania2009 at Vadodara.







Stampmania 2009 – Special Cover – Save Energy- 19 Dec 2009

Stampmania 2009 – Special Cover – Save Energy – 19 Dec 2009

A Special cover was released on 19 dec 2009 at Stampmania 2009 on Theme     “Save Energy ‘. The cancellation shows an Electric bulb invented by Edison  . the cover also shows a rural girl in simple Kutchi outfit with bulb in her hand and a message on rural electrification.


Stampmania 2009 – Special Cover – Balasinor – 18 Dec 2009

Stampmania 2009 – Special Cover – Balasinor – 18 Dec 2009

A Special cover was released on 18 Dec at Stamp mania 2009 on Balasinor -The World’s Third largest Dinosaur Egg hatching site.


Stampmania 2009 – Special Cover – Frontier Mail- 17 Dec 2009

Stampmania 2009 – Special Cover – Frontier Mail – 17 Dec 2009

A Special cover was released on 17 Dec 2009 on Frontier Mail . The Cancellation shows Frontier Mail . Frontier mail was Flagged off on 01 Sep 1928 from Colaba Terminus in Bombay(Mumbai) to Peshawar (Now in Pakistan ) via Baroda . After  Independence it has been running between Mumbai and Amritsar and now renamed  ” Golden Temple Mail “. The Cover shows the Locomotive and insignia of Bombay , Baroda & Central India Railway.