Pay me PolyMORE!’ for New Five Pound Notes, Say Opportunistic UK eBay Users

Ebay is well-known as the virtual retail universe that enables anyone to sell anything at any price, but selling new plastic fivers for as much as £1000 (US$1300) each, sounds like users may be relying on some not-so-bright potential buyers.

But the buzz seems to be quite justified amongst currency collector-types across the UK, who are actively listing their notes in order to make a fast profit. Although the actual monetary value of the new polymer notes are five pounds only, by bunking up the virtual market value on eBay proves that a number of buyers must be expected to exist who are willing to pay a lot more. 

Looking through some of the listings on eBay, it seems that the highest bids in the market of “note-collecting” goes to earliest printed notes which can be identified by their separate serial numbers, and higher prices are also listed on those notes that have not been circulated too much or are sold as part of a collection of around 5 — 10 or more.

And if someone was able to acquire a collection with sequential serial numbers for example, this is said to also increase its virtual market value amongst the eager collectors online.​

But whilst the collectors went into a bidding frenzy, others on social media were left feeling rather more generous. With their brand new five pound notes and by using the hashtags #FirstFiver and #FiverGiver, they began a campaign, encouraging people to donate these to charity projects and for a good cause.

The dedicated Bank of England website for the new five pound note, explains many of the design changes that set it apart from previous notes, such as featuring the picture of former UK leader Winston Churchill, as well as the polymer plastic material it is printed on:

“Like Churchill, the new polymer note will also stand the test of time. It is cleaner, being more resistant to dirt and moisture. It is safer, with better security features. And it is stronger, making it longer lasting and more environmentally friendly.” Meanwhile, the highest sale prices listed for the plastic notes on eBay are nearly coming to an end.