Women on Currency Notes – USA

Women on Currency Notes – USA

The USA has recently announced that its redesigned ten dollar being issued in 2020 would include  the face of a Woman., a first for USA. The strong contenders for the face on the notes are Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks – Civil Rights Icon, Harriet Tubman , Suffragette Susan B Anthony or anyone else.

Some Nations that already have Women Leaders on their Notes are

Argentina – Former First Lady Eva Peron or Evita is the face of the 100 Peso Bill .On the 20 Peso Bill Manuela Rosas is featured with her Father Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Australia – Australia has Queen Elizabeth II on the front of notes . On  the back of $5,$10,$20 bills are social reformer and writer Mary Gilmore, Businesswoman Mary Reibey & Politician & Social worker Edith Cowan. Soparno Nellie Melba features on $ 100 Currency note.

 Israel – Israel willbe shortly putting poet Rachel Bluwstein & author Leah Goldberg on its forthcoming 20 & 100 New Shekel currency notes.

Mexico – A self potrait of artist FridoKahlo appears on back of 500 Peso note while 17th century Mexican Writer Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz is on 200 Peso note.