Inaugural Day Cancellation – Permanent Pictorial Cancellation – Chamar Dharini – Vadodara – Gujarat

Permanent Pictorial Cancellation (2) – Chamar Dharini – Vadodara – Gujarat

The cancellation depicts exquisite Jain bronze statue of Chaurie Bearer (Chamar Dharini) which was found in Akota area of Baroda and belong to 8th Century A.D. It is now exhibited in the Baroda Museum. Despite its small size, the figure has an aesthetically impressive form. The graceful figure stands in the three bedded (tribhanga) posture on a lotus pedestal symbolizing its importance in the pantheon. The urah suli or the necklace reveals the vintage of the statue as being of the 8th century A.D., its stylistic affiliations being in the directions of the Northern Pratihara idion.The cancellation has been introduced at Vadodara HO on 16.01.1989.

(Note: As the old cachet was worn out, new cachet was ordered by SSP, Vadodara East Division in year 2009 and new cachet was received by Vadodara Philatelic Bureau in October 2009)

Date of cancellation:-16.01.1989.

Gujarat permannet Pictorial Cancellation