Special Cover – 9th National Business Plan Competition – By India Post

Special Cover – 9th National Business Plan Competition –  By India Post

The National Business Plan Competition,  is the most prestigious and rigorous annual business plan competition for public high school students.  It challenges VEI students from across the country to demonstrate their global business expertise through written business plans and oral presentations.

The competition showcases best practices, rewards excellence, and trains high school students to apply sophisticated knowledge and skills attributed to business professionals and college students.  Teams from across the country who won earlier state competitions will compete for prizes and scholarships in this event.

“Most people never get wealthy simply because they are not trained to recognize opportunities right in front of them”  Robert Kiyosaki.

Keeping g this in mind National Business Plan Competition, has been making effort the past 15 years to provide a platform for the Young Innovators who can turn their innovative ideas into a feasible business plan.

Even though most competitors don’t end up winning the prize money, they do gain one thing that all startups need: the chance to network and share their ideas with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors.

This program has helped create over 3000 entrepreneurs, created over 12000 jibs and has over 20 centers in India and is growing.

The Special Cover depicts a scene with a road leading in with green trees on both its sides and the logo “I Create” in the sky. In the background are mist photos of entrepreneurs, in activities.

The special pictorial cancellation depicts the graphic of an eye and the words Create in between a sliced alphabet ‘I”

Date Of Issue:- 31.01.2015.

Contributed By:- From the Personal Collection of  Mr.Viswas Menon.

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