Readers Desk – Experience With Philatelic Bureau Coimbatore

As we extend our happy new year greeting  to you all, the readers and their family members we would like to share our pleasant experience with one of our Bureau.
Our remittance was acknowledged over phone and not only that they take meticulous care to execute our order as per our instruction – irrespective of the fact about the prevailing market  demand.  Some of the Bureaus even curtailed the quantity even when the balance was available depending upon the market demand.  Eventually it is difficult to distribute to the members.  But in this Bureau all our instructions are carried out meticulously in toto every time. They earmark the required quantity to the account holders before selling anything across the counter. This is as per the guidelines issued by the department of Posts. But this guideline is followed more in breach than in observance  we write this to your esteemed newsletter hoping that other Bureaus will also emulate the example set by the Coimbatore Philatelic Bureau and fulfill the requirement of account holders.  This will help more and more people/groups to open the account with the Bureau and develop philately to a great extent.
Through your esteemed weekly we suggest that  you may take a survey and grade the Bureau according to the service rendered by them.  This will be a great help to the philatelic fraternity.
With thanks and regards,