Oldest and first lighthouses to be built in Asia Fort Aquada

Goa Liberation Stamp depicting Aquada Fort Lighthouse

The Fort Aguada is one of the largest and impressive forts preserved as one of the best known landmarks in Goan history. Its prominence has grown from the fact that its headland on which it is built offers a wonderful site for military architects due to its shielding of the vital sea access from the heart of the Portuguese territory thereby making it an ideal site for seaward as well as landward defense.

One of the distinctive features of the Aguada headlands are the Lighthouses built as early as 1864 thereby marking them as one of the oldest and first lighthouses to be built in Asia. Earlier to this, ships were normally guided by bonfire beacons lit on the Hill of the Pilots above the Immaculate Conception Church at Panjim. The 1st lighthouse initially built served purpose right upto 1976 when it was replaced by a square, modern lighthouse located nearby the walls of the citadel. This one is open to visitors and it makes all the watching more enjoyable due to the scenic views one gets to see when he/she climbs up the spiral staircase with a metal ladder within the lighthouse.

The lighthouse at initial stage is used to emit light once in 7 minutes. In 1834 it was changed to emit light creating eclipse every 30 seconds, however it was abandoned in 1976.

Date Of Cancellation:-19.12.2011.

Goa Liberation Stamp 2011