Permanent Pictorial Cancellation – (1) – Srirangapatna – Karnataka

Permanent Pictorial Cancellation –  (1) – Srirangapatna – Tiruchirappalli – Karnataka

Srirangapatna is a town in Mandya district, located near the city of Mysore. It is of great religious, cultural and historic importance. The town takes its name from the celebrated Ranganathaswamy temple which dominates the town, making Srirangapattana one of the most important Vaishnavite centers of pilgrimage in south India.

The Gumbaz is a large mausoleum in the middle of an expansive garden that houses the cenotaphs of Tipu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali and mother Fakr-Un-Nisa. In fact Tipu Sultan built the Gumbaz as a fitting tribute to his heroic father.

It’s designed in the typical Persian style, with large rectangular garden with the pathways leading the central structure. The Gumbaz stands on an elevated platform at the center of the garden.

The cancellation depicts Gumbaz.

Date of Introduction  :- 20.10.1978.

SWrirangapatna PMK