Proof Set – Veer Durgadass – Indian Commemorative Coins

Proof Set – Veer Durgadass – Indian Commemorative Coins
Durgadas was a suryavanshi Rathore Rajput, who belonged to the Karnot branch of the Rathore clan. Askaran Rathore, a Rajput general in the army of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, was his father. As his mother lived away from Jodhpur as she did not get along with her husband and Durgadas grew up in a small village.

A camel-herd who was rearing the herds of the Maharaja, ventured into the boy Durgadas’s fields. Durgadas asked the camel herd to take his herd away as he was concerned about his fields but the camel-herd paid no heed. Durgadas killed him with his sword. Durgadass was summoned by Maharaja Jaswant Singh when word of this reached him. Durgadas told him that the royal herd of camels was giving Jaswant Singh a bad name by destroying the crops of ordinary people. The Maharaja gave Duragdass an appointment in the army as he was impressed with Durgadas’s uprightness.

Year of Issue:-2003

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Veer Durgass Coin Set