No.14 Advance Level Workshop on Philately 2012 – By India Post & Mr Vinod Sabharwal

Advance Level Workshop on Philately – No.14  of  2012

Mr Vinod Sabharwal &  India Post jointly  conducted a workshop on Philately to promote this hobby  among the Youth and school Children of Delhi/NCR  as part of  India Post  Philately promotion agenda. The workshop on philately was organized on 26.10.2012 in Jain Bharati Mrigavati Vidyalaya, Vijay Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir Complex, 20th Km, G.T.Karnal Road.. The Workshop was conducted by Mr Vinod Sabharwal  and  Mr Siddarth of  Northern Division Delhi ,India Post and Mr Rajesh from Ashok Vihar Post office.

More than  40  students of J.M.V.Philatelic Club attended the Workshop . The exhibits of  Nine students were judged by Mr Vinod Sabharwal and valuable adivce given to students to improve their exhibits . Three students with praise worthy exhibits were given Ist, 2nd, 3rd prize and rest of the  students  were given consolation prizes by India Post. Audio visual aids were used to develop interest of Children in this Hobby . A PPT presentation with question answer session was given by Mr V.K.Sabharwal on My opinion and reality. Mr  Vinod Sabharwal gave demonstration to students on how they should prepare the exhibits. A philatelic counter was also established by India Post and students bought material worth Rs 910/- from India Post Counter.  It was an excellent  joint venture. The  school teaches r appreciated this effort and assured us that school will be in touch with Mr Vinod Sabharwal  and India Post.
We intend taking on such ventures in future also . This venture was an exclusive  effort of  Mr Vinod Sabharwal  in conjunction with India Post. We thank  INDIA POST for extending  a helping hand to promote this hobby among the School Children in the Country.  This effort was extended to the School and India Post by Mr Vinod Sabharwal free of cost.