Stamps on Eagles of Namibia

Stamps on Eagles of Namibia 

Namibia issued a set of Four stamps on Eagles on 02 Feb 2009. A FDC with four stamps is listed below. The species on stamps are

Tawny Eagle  – Wingspan of 1.8 m and weighs around 3 kgs,found in Central & Northern Namibia

Martial inopen woodlands and acacia Savannahs.(Registered Non standard Mail Stamp).

Martial  Eagle  (N$ 4.10)-Wingspan of 2.6 m and weighs around 6 kg, Most Powerful Eagles in the World.

Verreaux’s Eagle or Black Eagle – (N$ 4.60 ) -Habitat is Mountains -Wingspan 2.3m and weighs 6 Kgs.

The Bateleur  (Postcard rate stamp) -Medium sized wingspsan1.8 m and weighs 3 kgs . Found in wilderness and feeds on small mammals and birds.

African Fish Eagle ( On the FDC) – National Bird of Namibia -A Poweful and Majestic raptor with a wingspan of 2.4m and weighs around 3.5kgs. White head, Chestnut Belly and dark wings.