Comet Line Special Covers 1942-2012– Royal Air Forces Escaping Society – Swiss Connection

Comet Line  Special Covers 1942-2012– Royal Air Forces Escaping Society – Swiss  Connection

The Comet line (Le Réseau Comète) was a World War II resistance group in Belgium/France which helped Allied soldiers and airmen return to Britain.    A network of people guided them south through occupied France into neutral Spain and home via British-controlled Gibraltar.The Comet line was created by a young Belgian woman Andree de Jongh (nickname “Dedee”) who was 20 Years old in 1940.

For her wartime work and achievements, de Jongh received the George Medal from the British, the American Medal of Freedom and the Belgian Croix de Guerre with palm. She was also created Chevaliers of the French Lgion d’honneur and the Belgian Order of Leopold. In 1985 she was made a Belgian countess

Switzerland being a neutral country lot of escapees passed through Switzerland into France through Schaffhausen salient and Colditz  to Grenoble to Pyrennes  to enter Spain

This cover was flown Switzerland  via the Schaffhausen Salient and then along escape route via Grenoble and delivered at Chelsea Heliport.

Cover  No RAFES SC 8 dated 15 Oct 1974  .