ATM Stamps – Spain – Theme Architecture

ATM Stamps – Spain- Theme Architecture

ATM – the German abbreviation for  “Automatenmarken”,  i.e. postage labels from electronic stamp vending machines – exist since 1969. They are – according to the Postal Law of the UPU (passed at the UPU Congress at Hamburg, 1984) – postage stamps that are printed by electronic stamp vending machines. After inserting the necessary amount of money (coins, banknotes etc.) the customer usually gets a stamp directly printed on (security) paper by the machine. In all respects (denomination of value and country, symbol of the postal authorities etc.) this stamp corresponds to the traditional postage stamp.

Five ATM stamps from Spain on Architecture theme issued from different Cities like Madrid,Zaragoza,Lagrono etc. The Postal tariff and date are printed through the vending Machine.

This is an amazing relatively new field of Philately. We shall cover on this aspect in days to come.