Error & Varieties –Extra Perforation on M/S – Krishnadevaraya – By India Post

Error & Varieties –Extra Perforation on Miniature Sheet – Krishnadevaraya – By India Post

Krishnadevaraya who ruled the kingdom of Vijayanagara in between 1509-1529 was one of the greatest statesmen which medieval South India had produced. Called variously as ‘Kannadaraya’, ‘Sri Karnata Mahisa’ and ‘Kannada Rajya Ramaramana’, his rule saw all round prosperity of South India, culturally and materialistically. He was the son of Tuluva Narasanayaka and after the death of his brother Vira Narasimha ascended the throne of Vijayanagara in 1509.

The Vijaynagar Kingdom rose to its highest peak of glory during the reign of Krishna Deva Raya. Not only he was an able administrator and a great warrior but he was also a scholar, a poet, a musician and a kind king. He was loved very much by his subjects and he even treated his enemies with honor. He won all the wars he had waged during his rule.

Date Of Issue:-27.01.2011.

Contributed By:- R.S. Shah, Junagadh