Special Cover – Jai Shankar – By India Post

Special Cover – Jai Shankar – By India Post – Pioneers Of Indian Film Industry

Special Cover by: The Sivaji – Prabhu Charities Trust

Jaishankar is a yesteryear star of Tamil Film Industry. He is fondly referred to as Thennagathu James Bond or South Indian James Bond.Subramaniam Shankar, to give his original name, was born on 12 July 1938 with his father being a judicial magistrate. He was a typical Mylaporean of the bygone decades going to the famous PS High School and then Vivekananda College, where he did his Honours degree. Following the footsteps of his father he studied Law but gave it up after a year because of his interests in fine arts like theater.

Date Of Issue:-01.10.2010.