Indian Stamps-Velu Thampi-By India Post

Stamps India-Velu Thampi-By India Post

Velayudhan Chempakaraman Thampi , alias Velu Thampi Dalawa, was born in the village of Kalkulam , Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu  on the 6th of May 1765.He is best known for being one of the earliest individuals to rebel against British East India Company’s supremacy in India.

In his famous Kundara proclamation, in 1809, Velu Thampi made an impassioned plea to the people to rise up against the British. In the beginning, he had many allies including Paliath Achan, the Diwan of Cochin. But in the later stages he fought a lonely battle as his army stood no chance against the modern weaponry of the mighty British. At the brink of defeat, he chose to kill himself than submit to a humiliating surrender.

Date Of Issue:-06.05.2010.