2010 Stamp Programme India- Point of View

2010 Stamp Programme India – Point Of View

Hockey is National Game of India . Most of Indians  Complain that Hockey does not get its due and always plays second Fiddle to Cricket – even Tennis and Golf get more attention than Hockey . But when opportunity comes our way to promote and popularise this game we falter.

2010 World Cup Hockey is being hosted by India at Delhi from 28th Feb 2010. India defeated Pakistan in a thrilling encounter on 28th Feb 2010 and all of us enjoyed a wonderful game and praised our team.

I wish INDIA POST had issued  one or two stamps to mark or commemorate this event . It is a World Level Tournament where we have to tell the World lot of things

Firstly – India is a Great Country capable of Hosting a World Class event

Secondly – India is still GOOD at Hockey and we love this game as a Nation

Thirdly – We can also host Commonwealth Games inspite of all adverse Publicity.

I think a Golden chance has been missed by INDIA POST to issue a stamp on an International Event about which we are  aware of  since the last 3 Years. It could have been easily included in 2010 Issue Programme.

Contributed by Joseph ,Karnataka