Stamp Booklet- By India Post

Cover Page of Stamp ooklet depicts Red Fort of Delhi and the inner cover page has been left blank.First page has a photograph of Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chandra bose and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel with Tri Colour Flag and Jai Hind in Hindi and English. Next four pages of the booklet has been contributed to 8 different flags used during the freedom movement of India with information about those flags. Next page again depicts present Tricolour Flag and Red Fort- the Landmark of India’s Freedom with description and next pages shows design of special Cancellation used for Special Cover. One more blank page has been provided in the booklet and the last inner cover page pays tribute to Shri Venkayya who designed the Indian National Flag. During 1916 to 1921 he researched flags of 30 countries and finally came up with the present tricolour flag.

Date Of Issue:-15.08.2009.

Contributed By:- Mr.Prashant Pandya, Vadodara