Indiian Stamps-Heritage Stations of India-By India Post

Stamps India-Heritage Stations of India-By India Post

The Eastern Railway (ER) Sunday ran a heritage train pulled by a century-old steam engine to commemorate the trip of the first passenger train from Howrah station 155 years back during the British rule.
The engine, called Shahenshah (WP-7,200), chugged out from Howrah at 11.55 a.m. billowing out smoke, as people crowded on both sides of the railway track to have a glimpse of the ‘old beauty’.

The guard, the driver and the firemen feeding the boiler hot with regular supply of coal were all dressed in the same type of clothes worn by their predecessors 150 years back.The train completed the 40 km journey at 2.10 p.m.

Nearly 150 children, a few of them physically challenged, boarded the 17-compartment train. The railway officials explained to the children the history and specification of the train that had heralded the start of the first passenger train service of ER 155 years ago.“On Aug 15, 1854 the first train of ER was flagged off from Howrah station with 300 passengers for the first ride on the train

A set of commemorative postal stamps were unveiled to mark the occasion of the heritage run. Four postal stamps were unveiled by Minister of State for IT and Communications Gurdas Kamat.

The WP-7,200 class engine was build by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia.

The Stamps depicts Old Delhi Ralway Station, Chhenai,Mumbai and Howrah Railway Stations.