Indian Stamps-Harakh Chand Nahata-By India Post

Stamps India-Harakh Chand Nahata

Shri. Harakh Chand Nahata  was a prominent Indian businessman and social leader.

He was the first person who started road transportation in the difficult and inhabitable terrain of Tripura. Handling the largest Railway Out agency in Tripura (Tripura Town out Agency) and establishing a large network of road transport at heavy costs and risks, he was instrumental in starting economic development and two way traffic to bring economic gains for the tribal people and the state of Tripura.

He contributed a lot for the development of cinema in Eastern India through his Technicians Studio. Calcutta, with which many internationally acclaimed directors like Satyajit Ray, Hritwik Ghatak & Basu Bhattacharya etc. were associated. Later, he turned a film financier and Realtor and was known as an honest and upright person in trade circles. Shri Harakh Chand Nahata encouraged many upcoming artists of films and performing arts with his sanguine advice, help and patronage. He was a great connoisseur of art and literature and secretly helped many budding artists, poets and writers. He spotted talents of writers and published many books at his own cost to encourage them including a Hindi monthly magazine. He was a prolific reader with a razor sharp analytical mind and compassioned heart.

Date Of Issue:-28.02.2009.