Stamps Of India-Ist Definitive Archaeological Series Stamps Overprinted for International Commission In Indo China

First definitive Archaeological series stamps overprinted for International Commission in Indo China.

India actively participated in the deliberations of the fourteen-nation Geneva Conference held in 1954 to end hostilities in war-born states of Indo-china. The Geneva agreement established three –power International control Commission for the three states of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. India provided common user facilities including the postal service. Indian APOs were established accordingly at Saigon, Hanoi, Vientiane and Phnom Penh. A set of 5 stamps of the Archaeological series Overprinted in the Hindi with the Devnagari inscription “Antarrashtria Ayog Combodge or Vietnam or Laos” (International Commission for Supervision and Control for Combodia or Vietnam or Laos ) was introduced at all the APOs on 1st. Dec.1954.
Contributed By:-Er.H.K.Jain.Mandla(M.P.)