Stamps Of India-1st Definitive Archaeological Series Stamps Overprinted for APS

First definitive Archaeological series stamps overprinted for Army Postal Services (i.e. Indian Custodian Force Korea )
Army Postal Service is a branch of Postal Department that functions as a Military Organisation under the control of the Quartermaster General and extends the facilities of the India Post offices to soldiers serving operational and special area in India and overseas. The APOs go wherever the Army wants then and they are invariably wanted for all overseas missions of war & peace. Indian APOs accompanied the Custodian Force to Korea in 1953 to serve the personnel of that force as well as the Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission. Ordinary postage stamps used initially at Indian APOs, were replaced by a set of 12 stamps of the Archaeological series overprinted in Hindi with the Devnagari inscription “Bhartiya Sangrakha Katak Korea” (i.e. Indian Custodian Force Korea).
Contributed by:-Er.H.K.Jain,Mandla(M.P.)