Rath Yatra – 7 Varieties ? 9 Varieties ?  or 13 Varieties ? or more

We have been receiving many queries whether their are 7 varieties or 9 varieties of Rath Yatra Miniature sheet . According to our research wing there  are  7 Genuine varieties only .

The reason and logic is simple – In a sheet the Control marks are put so that accurate cutting is done. If philatelists start taking control mark as variety then it can be assumed  that – not 7 or 9 varieties but 13 varieties exist.
We would  therefore suggest  to all  collectors  not to get  carried away by wrong notions. And would request you not to get trapped and pay unnecessarily heavy price for ordinary items. It is confirmed  that only seven Genuine varieties exist.

Now we give you another Genuine variety – which you must look out for – Black Color omitted in Rath Yatra Miniature sheet – Price Rs 5000/-

Contributed by Ashwini Dubey, Gorakhpur

Error & Varieties – 7th Definitive Solar Energy Utilization – By India Post

Doctor Blade clearly affecting upper four stamps, Block of 8′s Stamp, Mint, MNH. Catalouge price 200/-per stamp.

Unique Old Error. Quite visible. Error in Old stamps to find is very rare.

Date Of Issue;-01.01.1988.

Approximate Cost :-1400./-, Contact Us 08860120900

Error & Varieties – Indian Birds (2nd Series) – By India Post

Red Colour Missing (Used Stamp). Marked with arrows. Neck,Leg,Tail, see in  Monal Pheasant.

Unique Old Error. Quite visible. Error in Old stamps to find is very rare.

Date Of Issue;-28.04.1975.

Error & Varieties – Anniv. of Indian Military Academy, Dehradun – By India Post

Black colour shifted right .Marked with arrows. Denomination and 2 of 1982 is out of the stamp and is on white border. Indian written in English, in normal stamp it is above 9 of 1982 and in error stamps it is above 8 of 1982.

Unique Old Error. Quite visible. Error in Old stamps to find is very rare.

Date Of Issue;-10.12.1982.

Approximate Cost 2250/-, Contact Us 08860120900

Miniature sheet – Australia – 150 Years Queensland

A Miniature sheet was issued by Australia to mark 150 Years of Queensland . The sheet contains two stamps one showing Windmill and second the Coastline.

Indian Stamps-Year 1993-By India Post

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Freedom Fighter) (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-09.08.1993.

National Integration (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-19.08.1993.

Centenary of election to the House of Commons of Dadabhai Naoroji (Rs 6 )

Date Of Issue:-26.08.1993.

Centenary of Chicago Address by Swami Vivekananda (Rs 2 )

Date Of Issue:-11.09.1993.

Golden Jubilee of College of Military Engineering, Kirkee, Pune (Rs 2 )

Date Of Issue:-08.11.1993.

Indian Stamps-Year 1993-By India Post

Mountain Locomotives, Set of 4 (Rs 1 + Rs 6 + Rs 8 + Rs 11))

Date Of Issue:-16.04.1993.



Merry Christmas – GB – Aerogramme

Indianstampghar wishes all its Readers around the Globe  a Very Merry Christmas .

Indian Stamps-Year 1993-By India Post

Birth Centenary of Rahul Sankrityayan (Traveller & Man of Letters) (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-09.04.1993.

89th Inter Parliamentary Union Conference (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-11.04.1993.

Centenary Of Merrut College (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-25.04.1993.

Birth Centenary of Prof. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis (Statistician & Planner) (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-29.06.1993.

Centenary Of Greater Bombay Municipal Corporation Building (Rs 2 )

Date Of Issue:-31.07.1993.

Indian Stamps-Year 1993-By India Post

William Carey (Social Reformer, Educationist & Indophile) (Rs 6 )

Date Of Issue:-09.01.1993.

Birth Anniv. of Fakirmohan Senapati (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-14.01.1993.

Golden Jubilee of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-28.02.1993.

Golden Jubilee of 9th Parachute Fied Regiment (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-01.04.1993.

Diamond Jubilee of No. 1 Squadron, Indian Air Force (Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-01.04.1993.

Stamps  India- National Council of Education & Dr Triguna Sen – By India Post

Dr. Triguna Sen was born on 24 December 1905 at Solhet (now part of Bangladesh) he was an eminent educationist ardent freedom fighter able administrator and good parliamentarian.  He was instrumental in establishing Jadavpur University at Kolkatta.  He was elected President Alumni Association of National Council of Education Bengal, Jadavpur University.  He was also Union Minister for education and Minister for Petroleum for brief spell.  He passed away on 11th January 1998.

Date Of Issue:-24.12.2010.

First Day Cover – Central Bank Of India – By India Post

Date Of Issue:-23.12.2010.

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