Indian Stamps – Year 1991 – By India Post

Chithira Tirunal Bala Rama Varma(Former Progressive Ruler of Travancore)(Rs 2)

Date Of Issue:-07.11.1991.

National Children’s Day(Rs 1)

Date Of Issue:-14.11.1991.

150th Anniv. of 18th Cavalry Regiments (Rs 6.50p)

Date Of Issue:-14.11.1991.

India Tourism Year(Rs 6.50p )

Date Of Issue:-15.11.1991.

International Conference on Youth Tourism, New Delhi(Rs 6.50p )

Date Of Issue:-18.11.1991.

1991 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-

Reserve Bank Of India Coins – Booking Date Extended

The last date for Booking of RBI Coins at Mumbai Mint has been extended to 31st Jan 2011 due to heavy demand . The Booking was to end on 31st Dec 2010 earlier.

Stamps India – Doot (Gujarati Magazine) – By India Post

Date Of Issue:-15.01.2011

2011 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-

Indian Stamps – Year 1991 – By India Post

Orchids of India, Set of 6, (Rs 1 + Rs 2.50p + Rs 3 + Rs4 + Rs 5+ Rs 6.50p)

Date Of Issue:-12.10.1991.

1991 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-

Indian Stamps – Year 1991 – By India Post

Greeting Stamps, Se-tenant Set of 2 (Rs 1 + Rs 6.50p)

Date Of Issue:-30.09.1991.

2nd Batallion – The 3rd Gorkha Rifles(Rs 4)

Date Of Issue:-18.10.1991.

Kamladevi Chattopadhyaya(Patriot & Patron of Handicrafts),Set of 2 (Rs 1 + Rs 6.50p)

Date Of Issue:-29.10.1991.

1991 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-


A Cartoon on Philately

Courtesy : Sanjeev Jain , Dehradun

West Delhi Philatelic Club – Monthly Meeting    January 2011.

The next meeting of West Delhi Philatelic Club is scheduled to be held on (Sunday) 16 January 2011 at the same venue.

- Dates of Election  of West Delhi Philatelic Club Office Bearer – 2011-2012

- Plans for 2011 and Participation in Indipex 2011

- Membership fees revision effective April 2011.

- Open forum

We invite all Philatelists from NCR region and Satellite towns of Delhi to attend this meeting. No separate mailing is sent as time available is less and all of you are requested to inform other members.

Venue:-M-1, First Floor,

Dewan House, Ajay Enclave,

Near Ajanta Cinema, Subash Nagar Metro Station

Subash Nagar,New Delhi

Date:- 16.01.2011.

Time:-10.30A.M to 1.30.P.M

Club well wisher has very kindly consented to provide and arrange for Tea,snacks and Lunch for the meeting .West Delhi Philatelic Club has arranged the Hall.

My Stamp

Your Personalized Stamp

One of the most exciting feature of the exhibition is the My Stamp which is being introduced by India Post for the first time in India. Also known as ‘Personalised stamp’, My Stamp is a wonderful way to celebrate special occassions such as engagements, birth of a baby, or to send as greetings to loved ones and friends.

The template on My Stamp would be printed on the six themes:





5.Sun Signs

6.Taj Mahal

Each template is designed on one of the above themes and has 12 personalised stamps perferated on it. One can get their personalised stamps on their favourite photograph on all of the themes mentioned above.

Personlized Stamp in 3 Steps!

1. Get your photograph clicked or carry any other photo on which you wish to create your personalised stamp.
2. Choose the template and the theme.
3. Get your My Stamp ready in print.

The Philatelic Passport

Having more than 70 countries participating at this exhibition, with a Philatelic Passport, collectors need to travel from country to country by visiting sales booths to buy the stamps and obtain the special datestamp cancellations of that participating country. When it is done, one will have completed his travel around the world. This is very exciting as the activity of traveling through the world would take place at just one venue which is the World Philatelic Exhibition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The philatelic passport has stamps with full postal cancellations on each page. These stamps together with the passport will be worth much more than the individual used stamps when removed. There are collectors of these passports.

Philatelic Passport aims to create enthusiasm amogst children, stamp lovers, philatelists and visitors. The passport can be obtained from the exhibition directly.

Source:-Indipex 2011 website

The First Official Airmail Flight

Although airborne mail transport had occurred during the nineteenth century, the first Official Airmail was flown in India in 1911.
On February 18, 1911, French pilot Henri Pequet (1888-1974) carried the official airmail; a sack with about 6,000 cards and letters on his Humber biplane. The plane flew a distance of five miles, from an Allahabad polo field, over the Yamuna River, to Naini. All mails were marked with a large magenta cachet showing a plane within a double lined circle, inscribed “First Aerial Post – 1911-U.P.Exhibition Allahabad”.

The exhibition will largely focus on Aerophilately as India Post celebrates the Centenary of the First Official Airmail  Flight that took place in India on 18th February 1911. A ceremonial flight  would take place on12th February 2011 from Allahabad to Naini commemorating the 100 years of the Airmail flight. The flight would carry about 500 First day Special Covers with special postmark limited editions. A special stamp carrying a special cancellation will be released on 12th February, 2011 to commemorate the event.

Special Stamp Release

Presentation Pack, Ltd Edition

India Post on the occasion of INDIPEX 2011 is bringing out a special stamp on Gandhi Ji to commemorate the event. The stamp will be unique as it will be printed on “Khadi”, the hand-spun cotton material that Gandhi Ji held as the symbol of self determination and self reliance.

The Khadi Stamp will be available during the exhibition at the venue, as a Presentation Pack which will also include a Miniature Sheet. The Presentation Pack is priced at Rs 250. only and a maximum of 10 stamps can be ordered by a single person.

You can book your copy in advance at below link. Copy can be collected at the venue on 12th February,20011. You will be sent a confirmation of receipt of your order.Carry a copy of confimation and make payment and collect your copy.For more details visit Indipex 2011 site.

The Khadi Stamp Presentation Packs are a limited edition, and will be provided on First-Come First-Served Basis. The registration does not reserve your order, and will be subject to availability at the time of payments being received.

The Presentation Pack can be delivered via Speedpost at an additional fixed Cost of Rs 25/-Only. Simply fill the  Pre-Order Form choose this as the Mode of Delivery. Send a copy of  the Confirmation Mail that you receive along with a Demand Draft of the amount (Rs.250 x Quantity + Rs.25) for your order, made in favour of World Philatelic Exhibition/Indipex-2011 to the following address:

Mr. A.S. Kala
INDIPEX 2011 Secretariat
Room 523 B, Dak Bhawan
Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001

Phone: +91 9868445888

Indian Stamps – Year 1991 – By India Post

Rajiv Gandhi (Rs 1)

Date Of Issue:-20.08.1991.

Exponent Of Modern Hindi Literature, Se-tenant Set of 2(Rs 2 + Rs 2)

Date Of Issue:-16.09.1991.

37th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference (Rs 6.50p)

Date Of Issue:-27.09.1991.

1991 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-

Indian Stamps – Year 1991 – By India Post

Keshav Shankar Pillai {Cartoonist & Founder of CBT),Set of 2 (Rs 4 + Rs 6.50p)

Date Of Issue:-31.07.1991.

Birth Cent. of Sriprakash (1990)(Educationist & Freedom Fighter)(Rs 2)

Date Of Issue:-03.08.1991.

Birth Cent. of Gopinath Bardoloi(Patriot & Assamese Leader) (Rs 1)

Date Of Issue:-05.08.1991.

Birth Centenary of Jain Muni Mishrimalji(Poet & Preacher)(Rs 1 )

Date Of Issue:-24.08.1991.

1991 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-

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