Indian Stamps – Year 1982 – By India Post

Festival of India, London. Ancient Sculpture, Set of 2 (2r + 3r05p)

Date Of Issue:- 23.03.1982.

Centenary of Robert Koch’s Discovery of Tubercle Bacillus (35p)

Date of Issue:-24.03.1982.

First Death Anniv. Of Durgabai Deshmukh (Social Reformer) (35p)

Date Of Issue:- 09.05.1982.

Himalayan Flowers, Set of 4  (35p + 1r + 2r +2r85p)

Date Of Issue:-29.05.1982.

1st Anniv. of ‘APPLE’ (Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment) Satellite Launch (2r)

Date Of Issue:- 19.06.1982.

Birth Centenary of Bidhan Chandra Roy (Physician & Politician) (50p)

Date Of Issue:- 01.07.1982.

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