Indian Stamps – Year 1981 – By India Post

Indian Flowering Trees, Set Of 4 (35p + 50p + 1r + 2r)

Date Of Issue:- 01.09.1981.

World Food Day (1r)

Date Of Issue:- 16.10.1981.

Indian Butterflies, Set of 4 (35p + 50p + 1r + 2r)

Date Of Issue:- 20.10.1981.

Bellary Raghavva (Actor) (35p)

Date Of Issue:- 31.10.1981.

40th Anniv. of Mahar Regiment (35p)

Date Of Issue:-09.11.1981.

National Children’s Day (35p)

Date Of Issue:-14.11.1981.

IX Asian Games, New Delhi (1r)

Date Of Issue:-19.11.1981.

1981 Indian Stamps  At a Glance, Click on below link:-