Special Cover – Namdhari Kullu Shawls Badah Kullu H. P. – By India Post

Namdhari Kullu Shawls was founded in the year 1992 with the aim of providing employment to the jobless weavers of the nearby villages. , Namdhari Kullu Shawls is famous for its good quality, original work & have made earnest efforts to maintain the traditional crafts of the valley in step with the modern drift. Most of the shawl industries are engaged in the manufacturing of Ladies and Gents shawls (woolen, angora and pashmina), mufflers, scarves, etc. At Namdhari Kullu Shawls, they use improved techniques and designs. They were the first to launch Silk Pashmina and Angora shawls throughout India.

Namdhari Shawls exports its products to America, Hampshire, London, Russia, Paris, Norway and Japan. The main reason behind the popularity is our truthfulness to the customers and the quality products endowed on them at the most reasonable rates.

Date Of Issue:-15.12.2010.