Stamp Booklets

Worldwide stamp booklets are issued by the central postal authority along with new stamp supported by the philatelic division as philatelic product. Some times they are packed in blocks of 10/20 stamps and sold for the convenience of the users.

In India a new trend started a few years back, printing of booklet via digital or laser technology and enclosing commemorative stamps, issued them in limited quantity of 200-300 and sell them as legitimate philatelic product to collectors at a premium – called Stamp Booklet.

No legitimate approval is taken from the philatelic division of India Post for such products of the design of the booklet, as is done in the case of special covers and postmarks. Organizers of district and state level philatelic exhibitions are blatantly misusing the logo of India Post and selling locally produced philatelic products to make quick money on the name of approved by the CPMG. The sales are local and the material is cornered by the producer and sold at a large premium.

Is there any provision in the philatelic handbook on the production of such items? If India Post has to issue such products they must be issued on a central basis approved by the philatelic division and sold at all the philatelic bureaus, including the mail order (PDA accounts). Then they qualify as genuine philatelic products.