Forthcoming Exhibition- Rajpex 2010

Rajpex 2010

Rajasthan State Philatelic Exhibition , Rajpex 2010 is scheduled from 9th Oct to 12th Oct 2010 at  Jawahar Kala Kendra , Jaipur. The centrally located venue is popular host of Theatre , Film Shows , Art Exhibitions , Craft Mela etc and has all facilities of Big Display Halls , ample parking and ‘India Coffee House’ cafeteria.

A 400 frame exhibition will have all other activities like Philately Workshop , Seminar , AV Show , various quiz and contests etc. 4 day exhibition will have lots of Philatelic Products released on the occasion.

It is observed from few last successful Dealer meets that good number of Dealer participation is a asset to Exhibitions. Apart from reasonable rates of stalls, lots of activities like personnel invitations, Discounted Tariff hotel bookings , local staff arrangement , food arrangement , Local Transfer arrangements , information and invitation to senior Philatelists for sufficient business etc also play a important role in dealer participation. Seeing this tough job, first time in the history of State level exhibitions, India Posts , Rajasthan Circle has agreed on request of Philatelic Society of Rajasthan to allow them for independently hosting of Dealer fair at the venue.

For efficient arrangement of this big task, a special committee is formed under the chairmanship of India’s senior most dealer Mr. A.S. Mittal with its members as  Mr Umesh Agarwal and Mr N C Bhandari.

President PSR Mr P.M. Bhargava , Gen.Sec.PSR Mr Rajesh Paharia , SSP Jaipur City Mr S.R.Bhati will be its exofficio member,

Detailed Stall Booking forms and communications will soon be forwarded and any clarifications may be sought from Gen. Sec. PSR , Mr Rajesh Paharia MO:9351716969 , Tel 0141-2218283 , 46 Geejgarh House , Civil Lines , Jaipur-19