India Post Office Buildings on Covers / Cancellations-Kollur

A special cover  released on 13-11-2002 to mark the Inauguration of Post Office Building Kollur.The Building features both on Cancellation & Cover.

Date of Issue : 13-11-2002

Kollur Post Office Building-ISG

India Post Office Buildings on Covers / Cancellations-Calcutta GPO

A special cover  released on 1-10-1993 to mark 125th Anniversary of Calcutta GPO Building.The Building features both on Cancellation & Cover.

Date of Issue : 1-10-93

Calcutta GPO Building-ISG

Special Covers – Queen Elizabeth’s First Visit to Amritsar 1997

Queen Elizabeth Visited Amritsar for the First Time 14 Oct 1997. She visited Jallianwala Bagh  & Golden Temple to pay Homage and reverence at these shrines of Martyrdom & Religious fortitude. It also marked 50 Years of India’s Independence from British rule.

Two special covers were released on the the occasion.

Queen Visit to Amritsar -Covers -ISG

Indian Currency Updates-  Apr 2014

As per RBI press release it will soon put into circulation the following denomination notes in circulation  with  2014 printed on reverse in the 2005 Gandhi Series design with  new Rupee Symbol and signature of Dr Raghuram G Rajan  -The  Governor of RBI.

-Rupees 50 Notes with Inset letter “L“.

-Rupees 100 Notes with Inset letter “L“.


Special Cover –  National Federation of Postal Employees – By India Post

Date of Issue:- 28.06.2003.

Contributed By:- Mr Somnath, Trichy

Special Covers, Carried Covers, Special Cancellation Covers of 2003.View at a Glance, Click on below link:-

Spl Cvr 2003

Special Cover – Gandhiji related Cover – Champex -2006

A special cover was released on 20 Nov 2006 during Champex – 2006. The day was celebrated as Service day.

Cover shows – Gandhiji School , Barharwa, Lekhasen, Motihari, Bihar.

Cancellation: Motihari Head Post Office -Constructed in 1860′s.


Special Cover – Hazrath Thable Alam Badusha Natharvali Dhargha 1000th Urs

Date of Issue:- 12.01.1998.

Contributed By:- Mr R Selavam, Salem

Natharvali Dargah -Special Cover-ISG



Special Covers – Golden Jubilee  Nesamony Christian College Marthandam & Birth Centenary Marshal Nesamony -By India Post

Date of Issue:- 08.01.2014. & 12.06.95

Birth Centenary - Marshal Nesamony -ISG


Nesamony Memorial College- Cover -ISG



Special Cover –  Saheedpex 2010 – By India Post

Cover depicts:- The photograph of “Raj ghat” where Mahatma Gandhiji immortal body lies in peace with the funeral procession of Mahatma Gandhi at background.

Date of Issue:- 30.01.2010.

Contributed By:- Mr Somnath, Trichy

Special Covers, Carried Covers, Special Cancellation Covers of 2010.View at a Glance, Click on below link:-

2010 Special Cover

Easter 2014 Stamp

Hrvatska posta issued a stamp dedicated to Easter.

Easter, the greatest Christian holiday, sums up the whole idea and hope of faith. The hope that the life does not terminate on Earth or in earth, in this one dimension in which we are captured, or in the realm of matter. Continuance has been promised to us, the consequence of all our causes, of our goodness and our evil. Transformation has been promised to us and all which surrounds us has been given to us as a book of comparisons. The nature which hibernates, which invisibly matures, which wakes up returned into light and warmth. The death of the Son of God which opens the closed transition. And, as Easter is the greatest holiday of Christianity, so is the transformation through mass the central moment of Christian ceremony and continual keeping of promise – that collision between dimensions, that transformation of matter into the essence of the other world. Symbolic elements of the ceremony are bread and wine – transformed into God’s body and blood. The bread is then a basic matter of comparison, the food of human subsistence acquired through work, investment of life energy. Bread is a summary of human’s earth. Bread has always been sacred (long ago the older people thought the younger ones to pick up and appreciate each its crumb which would occasionally fall on the ground).

In difference to yeastless bread from the Old Testament – which has survived in the New Testament’s host – the bread of renunciation and offering, the domestic, festal, Easter bread is the bread of pure joy. It is yellow as a newborn chicken, from generously used eggs, soft and fragrant, coated with light lacquer of the egg-white. Once, the Mediterranean area and today the whole world, used to mark the days of Easter by Easter cake, with cracks and swellings that instantly reveal workability and softness. This Easter baking has about forty different names – and it certainly remains for the science to discover more of them. Along with Easter cake or cheese cake the best known Easter baking is the braided bread. It can remain straight, unbent, but can also be bent into wreath shape– as on this year’s Croatian Easter stamp. In various variants eggs can be put on the wreath – Easter eggs – one in the middle or more of them all around. It is interesting to mention that the braided bread is sometimes a by-product of the Easter bread: the remainder of pastry is braided into a small wreath and decorated with an egg – for kids. This custom is mentioned in the town of Split and presents in its own way a contribution to knowing the civilization of childhood.

Braid is a motif which lasts long in human history – it could even be said that it is here from its very beginning. Its origin is for sure in handling the filament, the thread – be it in the first shaping of clothes, in cuts on ceramics or in taming hair. Rarely has any motif in history like the braid motif migrated from one medium to the other, from antique mosaic into the late antique or early medieval interlace in stone, from stone to paper or textile, from all of that into pastry… When we eat the braided bread we do not even think how much of the history we have swallowed. At least for once it is very tasty and joyful. And it can also be decorated with olive branches or leaves, as on this stamp – in order to promise the same what those branches promised on the occasion of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem. And what did they promise? Yes, pain and death. But not as something final. For, everything is followed by resurrection – Easter comes, and this home joy and its requisites are the company to its always recurring promise.

Easter Greetings – Philatelic Way

indianstampghar wishes all its readers  “A Happy Easter Sunday”. May all of you have great Fun and joy in midst of Your family , Friends and loved ones. Few stamps issued to celebrate the event in 2009.

Slovak Post (Slovenska Posta) is marking Easter with a new stamp with the scent of the narcissus. The new stamp which has the scent added during the colour printing process, just need warmth or friction to release the fragrance, Denomination  € 0.33.


finland-easter 2009_husvet-easter

Stamps on Easter

Indian Stamp Ghar extends Easter Sunday Greetings to all its readers across the Globe being celebrated today.

Easter  is a Christian feast and Holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Cavalry  as described in New Testament. Easter is preceded by Lent , a forty day period of Fasting ,prayer and Penance. The last week of Lent is called Holy Week and it contains Maundy Thursday  commemorating Maundy and the Last Supper as well as Good Friday commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter is followed by a fifty day period called Easteride or the Easter season ending with Pentecost Sunday . The festival is reffered to in Western Christianity by a varierty of  names like Easter Day, Easter Sunday ,Resurrection Day and Resurrection Sunday. Easter Eggs is a speciality of this day.

Some stamps issued to mark Easter are shown below.

Postal Stationery India 2014- Post Card

Post Card issued by SPP Hyderabad.

Yr of Issue – 2014

Slogan – Philately King of Hobbies.

Post Cards - India 2014

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