Kargil Divas – 26 Jul 2015

Today , 26 Jul 2015 is 16th Anniversary of ‘OP VIJAY ‘ . We at Indian Stamp Ghar pay our homage to Martyrs who laid down their lives for the Motherland. None of us can forget the “Yeh Dil Mange More ” more aptly used by our Kargil Hereos . Let us spare a thought for The Kargil Heroes and Their Families.
A APS Cover issued during Jul 2009  - 10th Anniverasary ‘OP VIJAY’ : 2009. The Cover shows the Param Vir Chakra Awardees and the Kargil Memorial. Cancellation  contains the Slogan ” Remembering The Sacrifices ”



Forthcoming Issues – India Post – 2015

India Post  has announced forthcoming issues in the next two months

Samrat Ashoka- 02 Aug 2015

BHEL -Aug-Sep 2015

10th World Hindi Conference -10 Sep 2015

Dr B R Ambedkar -Sep 2013

Women on Currency Notes – USA

The USA has recently announced that its redesigned ten dollar being issued in 2020 would include  the face of a Woman., a first for USA. The strong contenders for the face on the notes are Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks – Civil Rights Icon, Harriet Tubman , Suffragette Susan B Anthony or anyone else.

Some Nations that already have Women Leaders on their Notes are

Argentina – Former First Lady Eva Peron or Evita is the face of the 100 Peso Bill .On the 20 Peso Bill Manuela Rosas is featured with her Father Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Australia – Australia has Queen Elizabeth II on the front of notes . On  the back of $5,$10,$20 bills are social reformer and writer Mary Gilmore, Businesswoman Mary Reibey & Politician & Social worker Edith Cowan. Soparno Nellie Melba features on $ 100 Currency note.


To be Continued

Birds On Stamps -Marshall Island – 2013

A Miniature sheet issued by Marshall Islands in 2013- Fourth in the Series containing 10 stamps. The Birds on the stamps are

Golden Conure, Major Mitchells Cockatoos,Eastern Bluebirds , Giant Scops Owl,Thick Billed Parrot,Blue Crowned Pigeon, American Kestrels, white Breasted Silver Eyes, St Lucia Amazon, California Condors


conure,Cockatoos,Bluebird,Scops Owl, Parrot ,Pigeon,Kestrels, Silver Eye

conure,Cockatoos,Bluebird,Scops Owl, Parrot ,Pigeon,Kestrels, Silver Eye

Miniature Sheet – Egypt 2012- His Holiness Chenonda III

A Miniature sheet was issued by Egypt on 17 Mar 2012 on His Holiness Chenonda III – Pope Of Alexandria.

Pope of Alexandria- Egypt-ISG

Miniature Sheet- Russia – Aviation History 2014

A Miniature was issued by Russia on 18 April 2014 on Aviation History -Air Rams. The Sheet contained eight stamps.

Russia- Aviation History MS -ISG

Classic Cars on Stamps – Germany 2015 – BMW & Mercedes

Germany issued stamps on Classic Cars on 02 April 2015. Two stamps on BMW 507 (1956-59)  & Mercedes Benz220s (1959-65) are listed below.


Birds On stamps – Vultures- Israel 2013

Israel issued a set of three stamps under he theme “taking Vultures Under our Wing”. The Three species on stamps on a FDC are LAMMERGEIER, EGYPTIAN VULTURE & EURASIAN GRIFFON.

Lammergeier, Egyptian Vulture , Eurasian Griffon

Lammergeier, Egyptian Vulture , Eurasian Griffon

France India Joint Issue -50 Years of Space Co-operation-April 2015

A set of Two were stamps were issued by India & France on 10 April 2015 to mark 50 Years of Space Co-operation. A Folder was issued by France containing both sets of Stamps.

Indo-France Joint Issue--ISG


Indo France Joint Issue -

Money Order Through three Countries – India ,Burma& Pakistan

An Interesting MO form is listed below which has travelled through three different Countries -Burma,India & Pkistan- between Aug 1948 & Oct 1948.

Started Burma -Rangoon 05 May 1948

Calcutta postmarked 09 Aug 1948

Delivered – Annapoornabari – Distt Chittagong -Erstwhile East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh)- 02 Oct 1948 .

Stamps of Burma used on MO form & All dates and places marked by ARROWS.  A postal History item which can be used by collectors of Four countries India, Burma (Myanamar),Pakistan & Bangladesh.


Postmarked Rangoon, Calcutta & Chittagong

Postmarked Rangoon, Calcutta & Chittagong


Stamps of Burma on MO form originated from Burma

Stamps of Burma on MO form originated from Burma





APS Covers –Golden Jubilee 27th Course NDA – Nov 2014

New APS Cover issued during Nov 2014

Issued on 29 Nov 2014.  Serial no 60/2014

APS Covers Nov 14 - NDA- ISG

APS Covers –Golden Jubilee 20th Battalion The Punjab Regiment– Nov 2014

New APS Cover issued during Nov 2014

Issued on 28 Nov 2014.  Serial no 59/2014

APS Covers Nov 14-Punjab regiment- ISG

First Day Cover – International Day Of Yoga  – By India Post

Date of Issue:-21.06.2015.

FDC International day Of Yoga

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